Summary of Learning (Finale)

Photo Credit: Rachel.Adams Flickr via Compfight cc

You can scroll directly to the bottom of this blog if you want to watch the Summary of Learning first!  🙂

The picture above is meant to represent the mixed feelings I have about being finished this class and finished my Masters. While I am happy to return attention back to my gr. 3 classroom and continue to experiment with all the interesting things I have been learning, it is with some hesitation that I step away from the University.  I have enjoyed the past twenty-seven months of learning time.

The first thing I did to prepare for this final project  (Summary of Learning), was to decide on the format – which I did very early on.  Pecha Kucha is a presentation style that I learned in my very first Masters class.  I wanted to do it again as my very final Masters project.  Every week during this course I kept a journal of what I was experiencing in EC&I 834. I included things I was reading about, online tools I was trying, as well as insights gained from my own blogging experience.  I also wrote about information gathered from reading my colleagues blogs, and from trying out different digital tools my classmates were experimenting with.

After I gathered all the information, I picked the most valuable pieces to include in my Pecha Kucha project.  I used only pictures that were Creative Commons (taken from the website – Compfight). I made the slides first using Powerpoint and added in the timing so that each of the 20 slides would run for 20 seconds:


Photo Credit: juan tan kwon Flickr via Compfight cc

Then I set up my cell phone on a tripod to record myself (after I had rehearsed the timing of my 20 slides).

Here is a link to the script I used:

For the video recording – I used a green screen on the wall and added some powerful photography lights:


After creating the green screen video, I saved it to my desktop, along with the other Powerpoint video. Then using software called VSDC Free Video Editor, I combined the two files:

This video editing software was fairly easy to use and it allowed for the video overlay of the green screen video on top of the Powerpoint video.

I then uploaded this video to You Tube.

And voila…

My Summary of Learning for ECI 834 (April 2017)

9 thoughts on “Summary of Learning (Finale)

  1. Congrats Angela! You totally did it! And it sounds like the learning was fantastic for you! I hope you celebrate all your accomplishments and that all the things you’ve learned help you in your teaching.

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  2. â™ââi…ღ♥Giul˜a♥ღ★«™« scrive:Oddio,ma sono tutte stupende!*_____*E poi la voce gli è cambiata moltissimo,sempre più profonda!Non vedo l’ora di avere fra le mani il CD!All I want for Christmas is “Under the Mistletoe”!


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