A Plethora of Choices


Check out how to make a fun interactive wheel yourself at Wheel Decide.

Now that we are narrowing our search for things to include in our prototype, I am starting to feel better. Thinking that it would be great to learn and include so many of the cool things we have been exposed to – has the potential to feel  quite overwhelming.

In our blended prototype our group plans to include a number of different types of interactions. The modules will be organized with a Google Classroom platform. There will be some lessons that are somewhat traditional, with face-to-face interaction in the classroom. There will be some lessons that are watched at home (flipped model). Students will be given opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways using See Saw:


The reasons we have chosen to use Google Classroom are : ease of availability, ease of use, straightforward and easy to understand. Roxanne reminded me in her blog this week that using Google Classroom has the benefit of providing access to numerous resources and tools.  This will work well for grade three students. See Saw is also a great option for students at this level for a number of reasons:  availability of ipads in our classrooms, the option to use one or two ipads for the entire class if availability is limited. Students can reflect on their work in a variety of ways which works well for the differentiation that exists in classrooms.  Visual demonstrations of learning work well for students with learning difficulties, as well as for those who are learning the English language. Also, See Saw has a feature that allows families to access student work (naturally – after teachers have approved work for publication :).

You can check out the great “Boundaries and Participation Rubric” that Sarah included in her blog this week. I always think that rubrics are excellent for helping students prepare in a variety of ways. Rubrics help to direct learning even before the unit begins. They guide students to think about the effort they will put into their own learning. Often, it helps students to create timelines and checklists as they proceed through a given unit. Finally, it helps them to remember all the things they are being requested to do as they are learning something new (they can refer back to it as often as they like). We definitely plan to include rubrics in our module. You can check out the following pre-made rubrics by Kathy Shrock for ideas (taken from Mastering Online Discussion Board Facilitation).  We are considering a self assessment rubric from the Saskatchewan Curriculum such as the following: (self-assess-rubric).

Or perhaps the one below:  from Teacher’s Take Out

Free Self Assessment

When referring to assessment practice, I know it is important to have assessment match learning goals. It is also preferable for students to be able to show what they have learned in a variety of ways.  Our modules will each contain different ways of assessing desired outcomes.  In the article Mastering Online Discussion Board Facilitation, we are reminded of some important things to remember:

-Assessment must be matched to learning outcomes

-Assessment must be aligned with instruction.

-Students must be given clear guidelines regarding how their work will be assessed.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead , as our prototype will continue to take shape and hopefully be something that is used with students in the future.

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‘Gettin’ work done !!

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4 thoughts on “A Plethora of Choices

  1. Thanks for the post!
    I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts especially when discussing technology, assessment, and learning in the primary grades. I am always excited to hear how different people are adapting tools for the little ones.
    I really enjoy the options for rubrics you shared. Have you thought about ways we could turn these into online assessment tools?

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  4. Basia, chociaż słyszałam od Ciebie tą historię już chyba nie raz, to czytam jakbym po raz pierwszy słyszała o ziemniakach w mące, koledze Eryku, Babci znad Wisły.. Aż trudno się oderwać, piękna! Ale właśnie, jak ocalić?Uścisków moc :**PS. Ziemniaki w żytniej mące jeszcze przede mną, ale taką surówkę pamiętam (dokładnie taką, z majonezem, żadne tam oliwy ;)) z domu, jako dziecko nie cierpiałam (bo za dużo &qegq;zielonuoo&tuot;), teraz robię ją sama jak tylko pojawiają się nowalijki :)))


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