Lots of Decisions to Make

Lots of Decisions to Make

Lots of Decisions to Make

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     I was talking to a friend who knows I am still trying to decide on a platform.  Today she said to me – “just pick one and move forward”.  I think she is right, so I hope to do that in the next couple of days (notice any irony here ? ).

According to Bates, it is important to pay attention to the “unique pedagogical features” of text, audio, and video when creating educational content. He suggests taking time and carefully choosing which is best in a given situation to deliver specific content.  I have not tried making a screencast before to deliver content, so this week I took on the challenge…

I chose Screencast-O-Matic, which is fairly easy to use and it is free (for the basic package). You can watch the following You Tube video if you want to find out more about it:


It gives you the choice of 3 different options : screen only, webcam only or both together. I created an example of each option as you can see below:


My ‘Screen only’ example:



My ‘Webcam only’ example:


My ‘Screen and Webcam’ example:

I tried a lot of different ways to get these files to play in WordPress.  I ended up creating You Tube videos, (which was a another new process).  I found a good You Tube video to explain how to upload videos from Screencast – O – Matic to You Tube.  You can check out Stephanie Davis’ demonstration here if you are interested in trying it yourself.

I feel pretty darn pleased with myself for accomplishing these feats this week. Come to think of it – I think these might classify as Vlogs (that I have heard others talk about). Yay! (now I sound like my students – making a ‘little deal’ sound like a ‘big deal’ 🙂

I checked out lots of great blogs from my classmates this week and learned many interesting new things.  One thing that really interested me was Ed Puzzle posted by Carla this week, where she explained that you can crop existing videos and then add an audio track or audio notes. She also drew my attention to something called Playposit where you can add text to an exiting video.

There were other things that interested me that I would like to try sometime.  Stephanie and Twana talked about using Adobe Spark, which I would like to check out in the future.  Also, Benita and Roxanne talked about GoAnimate, which intimidates me but intrigues me at the same time.  I am learning lots from my classmates.

If anyone is familiar with Screencast – O – Matic and wants to suggest other ways to transfer screencasts to my wordpress blog – that would be great.






12 thoughts on “Lots of Decisions to Make

  1. Screencast-O-Matic sounds similar to Screencastify, which is what I tried this week! As far as I know, the only way to upload videos to WordPress is to upload them to YouTube first. Congrats on all of your firsts this week!

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  2. Like Sarah, I tried screencastify, and it does seem similar to screencast-o-matic, but this is a tool that I will definitely be looking into because I like that you can use webcam only or screen only or both! Great post!

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  3. Great job! All of these tools can be intimidating but yet totally exciting to use once we get the hang of it. Thanks for teaching me about screencast O matic. I will be sure to try it out now too!
    I used iMovie this week and powtoon. They were relatively easy to use and understand. Using these tools were a ‘big deal’ for me too.

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  5. Took me awhile to read simple things all the comments, but i must say i enjoyed the article. It proved to be very useful to me and i know to all the comrtneems listed here! It’s always nice when you can actually not only be smart, but also engaged! I’m sure youd fun writing this page.


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  7. I do remember you! What a small world! And I will read it, I promise! Unfortunately I’m not home for the summer and don’t have it with me, but I’ve heard really good things about her writing. I hope evghtyrine’s going well for you!


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