Planning to Use See Saw for the Course Prototype

Hard at work

Hard at work

Photo Credit: mikecogh Flickr via Compfight cc

      After Ellen and Samantha and I decided to create our project around the topic of Gr. 3 Visual Arts, Ellen suggested we use something called See Saw.  I have been doing some research and it appears to be a great tool to use for young students in the area of art.   I read that See Saw is a student driven digital portfolio where students can document their learning through photos, videos, drawings, text notes etc. A benefit to teachers is that student work can be uploaded, organized and available from any device or computer.  Student work can be shared with parents and peers in a private or public way.

Photo Credit: minm01 Flickr via Compfight cc

According to our assignment, See Saw will be an appropriate tool for our target population and demographics.  Considering the topic of visual art, it will allow students to create their product in a variety of ways and provide easy assessment.  A teacher could potentially use one ipad and pass it around for students to use individual logins (not ideal but has potential). Finally, this tool is great to use with EAL learners.


Photo Credit: stevenrindner Flickr via Compfight cc

     With all the tools out there, why did we choose See Saw?  For the many reasons that they advertise:

  1. gives all students a voice
  2. makes thinking and learning visible
  3. creates ownership in learning
  4. builds reflection
  5. supports creation
  6. builds strong communication between home and school
  7. provides authentic assessment opportunities
  8. there is an embedded blog
  9. can invite co-teachers
  10. great for EAL learners

I think another big plus for me personally, is that I like the idea of investing this time and energy into something that I will actually use with my students.

Was just watching a screencast on  Nicole’s blog this week.  She and Amy are also using See Saw, but drew attention to Weebly to oraganize the information online.  It seems like a great idea so I will be talking to my group about it and we may follow suit…? (thanks for the info.)

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