All I have to do is dive in

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Thankfully I don’t feel as isolated from technology as I used to. Before taking my first Ed. Tech. class, I was feeling left behind and somewhat lost.  There has always been a  resistance to my embracing technology. I was one of the last to use the internet, email, and even a cell phone.  This resistance comes from a number of different beliefs: I like to keep things simple, I like to have face to face human interactions, and also – fear of the unknown.

Since my previous Ed. Tech. class,  I have noticed a new confidence around technology that I feel good about. I have a small, but growing sense of wonder and curiosity. I am happy to say that Andres words this week are with me as I try to ‘have fun’ with this class.

Goal number one for me this semester is to try to relax and to overcome the intimidating feelings I have around technology (… like trying not to compare myself with others , and learning how to use Twitter). Goal number two is to understand more about blended learning, which I’m sure will come about in assignment number one. Finally, my third goal will be to try to maintain a balance between home and school and University.

Thanks to Kyle for suggesting my first look at blended learning .

I am on my journey to trade in resistance for persistence.


I can do this!

Photo Credit: seanflannagan Flickr via Compfight cc

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One thought on “Resistance…

  1. I used to feel isolated from technology too. It’s much easier to stick with what we know.
    Fortunately, I find that the time and effort is worth the learning, discoveries, and people you meet along the way. And you get to have some fun!


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