Summary of Learning, EC&I 830, Spring 2016

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Here is the link to the summary of learning that Nicole and I made for EC&I 830. We used Imovie to create the video.  We used cue cards to express our learning as the weeks went by, then added music as the finishing touch.  The format was inspired by a scene in the movie “Love Actually”.

(click on the link below to see our Summary of Learning)

[Song Credits:    “We’re Going to be Friends”  by The White Stripes, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”  by Billy Joel, “I Won’t Back Down”  by Tom Petty, “Stressed Out”  by Twenty One Pilots, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”  by Bobby McFerrin, “Fly By Night”  by Chilliwack, “Doin’ It Right”  by April Wine, “A Hard Days Night”  by The Beatles, “With A Little Help From My Friends”  by The Beatles.]


This class has been an interesting experience from beginning to end.  I was intimidated and nervous about taking a technology class because of my lack of technological experience.  I have learned many important things from the debates, and from my classmates.  Most importantly, for me, this class has resulted in a miraculous change for the better.  Somehow, I have gained strength and confidence that was not there before.  I think there are many reasons for this –  including the constructive feedback from peers, as well as the actual ‘doing’ (practicing).  I have realized that technology does not have to be scary, but just like everything else, if you practice – you will get better.  I know that this change will benefit me and therefore in turn, will benefit my students.  I am grateful to have taken this class.

I would like to thank Nicole Putz for being  a wonderful partner on this project.  I would like to thank Alec and Katia for facilitating this class, and for their support and encouragement.  I would also like to thank my classmates for their inspiration and encouragement along this ‘technology journey’.


all good



here are the words that went into my part of our project:
What Have I Learned?

if someone said i would take a technology class at university
i would have said “…no way!”

not because i don’t respect and appreciate technology
but because i am intimidated by it

once decided
i know that jumping off a cliff is always scary

this class seems to have a supportive community
…people willing to share and encourage

this is no different
than anything else that must be PRACTICED before it can be strengthened

create a blog – check
(sounds quick and easy…. but it wasn’t ! 🙂

worried about being successful with the logistics of the first “zoom room”
relieved that it went smoothly (impressive… and exhausting)

settling in to the flow of climbing this mountain
steep learning curve – onward and upward

Carol Dweck sums up my present relationship with technology

two blog posts this week
learning lots

a few people responded to me last week…
Yay !!

Nature Disorder – interesting !
it speaks to some conflicted feelings I have about screen time vs outside time

still a bit nervous about zoom sessions
worried in advance about how our debate will go

added an actual you tube video to a blog yesterday
Yay !!

a neighbor came over for technology help
and guess what? ….
ihelped her…..ME !

gaining a bit of confidence  🙂

more screen time than I have ever experienced
my eyes are burning

continuing to learn a lot of interesting things
trying not to feel guilty about my previous lack of participation in technology

trying not to be stressed….
but sometimes, compfight and wordpress don’t work for me

feel less intimidated and more willing to experiment with technology
need to encourage the same thing for my students

students really need to hear from me about digital citizenship
i am going to be a better role model from now on
digital footprint…
takes some work – but seems important and well worth it
posts, blog, plug-ins, hashtag, URL, hyperlink, meme …
i feel like I am learning another language
as I build confidence …
technology is not my enemy anymore

zoom sessions …
no longer intimidate me

debates have been relevant and informative
i learned how to download a Youtube video to my desktop

i learned how to use a program called Audacity
then, convert it to an
mp3 and import it into another program
i learned how to covert a file to a different format
and to use software like Vimeo and Powtoon

i have already used
some of the many classroom suggestions from my classmates

it has been interesting to reflect on the weekly topics
then formulate my opinion and blog about it
last week’s debate
pushed a few buttons  🙂

group work for debate has been great…
lots of beneficial collaboration

so many important things
for a classroom teacher
to consider …

i am really starting to understand how technology can be beneficial
in more ways than I knew






One thought on “Summary of Learning, EC&I 830, Spring 2016

  1. I love that you shared your list of stuff you have learned/accomplished throughout this quick and short semester. I too feel less intimidated by technology and am willing to experiment more now that I was prior to taking this course. I also stressed about technology, the use of zoom, when my blog didn’t want to cooperate how I wanted it to, however in saying this I think we got it figured out and it was a great learning experience that I don’t plan on perfecting any time soon but will continue practicing with these tools to become more comfortable using them in my personal and professional life. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your blog posts 🙂


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