Cliff Jumping

Here we go!!

Photo Credit: seanna.gareau via Compfight cc

Angela Switzer here.  Wow – this was interesting!  I am not one who is crazy about ‘jumping’ in to things I am not good at  🙂

I teach grade 3 at Milliken School.  I am a newbie at this technology stuff but willing to learn.  I never expected that I would be brave enough to take a technology class – just like I never expected to jump when my family went cliff jumping in Maui at the Venus Pools. I told everyone I would be the one to capture it on film.  Don’t know what happened – but I found myself jumping – screaming all the way.  Glad I did it !!  (just as i am sure i will be happy i did this class 🙂

I look forward to this technology adventure and learning from what seems to be a wealth of tech’knowledge’y.  I am super intimidated and impressed by the blogs that keep pouring in.  I was wowed by Jeremy Blacks video on his blog.

Now – I just hope this shows up where it is supposed to !

All good




One thought on “Cliff Jumping

  1. Wow Angela! I think I would need someone to push me in (I’ve always been a bit weird about heights), so I admire your bravery jumping in! Looking forward to working on the Great Debate with you!


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